traveling thy has moved!

dear readers (aka mom, dad, a handful of my friends and about 3 fellow travel bloggers),

update your bookmarks. i can no longer afford to maintain the domain. yes, i'm THAT poor.

so i'm turning off the re-direct from blogger, and you can find me here from now on:

i had bought months and months before i even thought about the concept for my blog, and it never really made sense anyway. it's just my name! would've been more fitting. i only used my name because, by the time i did start my blog, i was 9 months into my journey and had already been paying for the domain.

but now that i've murdered my life savings, i must give up luxuries like "my name in a url address." i realize i may lose and confuse some readers, and i apologize for the inconvenience.

to my loyal readers - thank you.

all 10 of you.

traveling thy

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